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Rev. Ramfis Moulier

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Rev. Ramfis Moulier is the President of the National Board of Directors for Defenders of the Christian Faith Movement. He also serves as the Senior Pastor of Beyond Walls Christian Center, a multicultural bilingual church located in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Married since 1988, together with his wife Ramonita, he has worked in different areas of the pastoral ministry for more than eighteen years. He is also the proud father of Yesenia, Daniel and Gabriel.
With his peculiar manner of presenting the Word, Rev. Ramfis has spoken in multiple events such as Promise Keepers MN and Heart of the City Concerts of Prayer. He received his biblical studies from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Elgin, IL and the Defenders of the Faith Seminary in Caguas, PR. He has been co-founder of ministries such as Twin Cities Ethnic Evangelization Network, Kindom Oil and Harvest Evangelism Minnesota Chapter; and for four years he served as the president of the Association of Spanish Evangelical Pastors in Minnesota.
His passion is to bring pastors and churches to impact communities with the love of Christ.

Vice President

Rev. Abner "Andy" E. Báez

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Rev. Abner “Andy” Báez is the founder and senior pastor of Joyful House Church in Germantown, MD.  He has served in ministry for over 15 years as a music minister, speaker and teacher. He currently serves as Director of the Music Ministry and Secretary of Acts at the Defenders of the Christian Faith Movement, Inc. in United States.

Rev.  Andy is married to Mariam Quiñones and together are raising their son Enrick Abner and daughter Nylmar Abneris. Mariam has been involved in various ministries at church but she has a particular desire for providing christian education to children. Together, they want to work with excellence for the glory of the Lord who called them to serve.

God blessed Rev. Andy with the ability to pursue graduate education.  Rev.  Andy obtained a Masters Degree in Music from the University of North Texas, has completed Theology courses from Gordon and Conwell Theological Seminary and currently holds a position as a music teacher for Montgomery County Public Schools in MD.

Excecutive Secretary - Secretaria Ejecutiva

Raquel Sommers

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Pastor Raquel “Cookie” Sommers is a Co-founder of Beyond Walls Christian Center in Saint Paul, MN.  She has always been known for her desire to serve and help everyone in need.  That gift has been demonstrated in her passion to serve the community and reach them with the gospel by having an active role in the community God called her to serve.  Her fervor to bring the love of Christ to everyone, especially to the children, has served as an engine for her ministry in the local church and nationally with the “Little Defenders”.

She is a graduate of Sacred Hearty University in Santurce, Puerto Rico; the Defenders Bible Institute, and is a volunteer for the Union Mission Gospel (Latino Ministries) in Saint Paul, MN.

Pastor Raquel is currently married to Robert A. Sommers, who has been instrumental to her ministry.


Secretary of Acts - Secretaria de Actas

Ingrid Godinez

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Treasurer - Tesorera

Rev. Claudia Montufar

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Claudia C. Montufar is currently pastoring Iglesia Macedonia, Defenders of the Christian Faith in Los Angeles, CA alongside her husband Rev. Edgar Montufar since May of 2008. 

She previously served on the National Board of Directors of the Defenders Movement from

2007-2010 as the Secretary of Minutes and from 2010-2011 as interim Treasurer.

Claudia also served as Executive Secretary for Siloe Church in Los Angeles for approximately 10 years, and as secretary of the Pacific Coast Region from 2007-2009.

She is currently employed part time as office manager for a Periodontal Practice in Beverly Hills, where she has been working since 1987, with the responsibility to manage and supervise all aspects of daily office procedures, supervise and manage 13 Employees (Including 2 doctors & 6 Hygienist), handle all accounts receivables, accounts payables, and payroll.  Manage funds for personal and corporate bank accounts, and make all travel arrangements for the doctor.

She is also a certified Public Notary for the State of California.

She is Co-Trustee with City National Bank for the H. Leslie Levine Family Trust.

Claudia lives in Montebello, CA with her husband of 28 years, and two children Nataly (23) and Samuel (11). 

Trustee - Vocal

Rev. Nancy López

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Trustee- Vocal

Rev. Daniel Pérez

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Rev. Daniel Perez was born on May 20, 1952 to a family original from the city of Ponce, PR but city residents in the Bronx, NY. Daniel gives his life to Christ on Good Friday of 1969 in a small Pentecostal church.

Rev. Daniel arrives at Canaan Church of 109th Street after serving the Lord for five years. Under the pastoral care of Rev. Max Delgado, Daniel continued his spiritual journey over the next seven years. During this time he served in the church as a Sunday school teacher, secretary, treasurer, president of the youth ministry and also participated in the musical group "I am the rose of Sharon."

Rev. Daniel meets and marries Evelyn while continuing to work in the music group. After three years of marriage and two children, Daniel feels the burden of doing more for the Lord. He requests permission to start a Sunday school extension program. The group grows after three years of work and Canaan Mission Church was born on July 8, 1981 in the Bronx, NY.

Rev. Daniel was elected Executive Secretary of Defenders of the Christian Faith Movement in the National Convention of 1986. He worked under the chairmanship of Dr. Gloria Hernandez. In 1988, Daniel became director of the Defender's Bible Institute. For the next 15 years, Daniel continued to work on the National Board of Directors under the chairmanship of Dr. Raul Marrero.

In response to the voice of God, Rev. Daniel stops the pastorate in 1991. After a year of transition, Canaan II Mission Church was founded in Belleville, NJ on November 2, 1992. In 1997 he was assigned as Supervisor of the Mid-Atlantic region, a task performed by eight years. In 2008 Mission Canaan II Church buys a building and decides to focus all their efforts on this new adventure.

After eight years of inactivity in the National Board, Rev. Daniel Perez was elected again in 2011 and also is assigned to assume supervision of the Mid-Atlantic Region.



Trustee - Vocal

Rev. Job Ramos

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Rev. Job M. Ramos is married to Danette Ocasio since May, 1992. They are the parents of Josiah, Lukas, and Charity. He joined the Defenders of the Christian Faith Movement in 1981 at "Canaan Church" in Chicago. During his time under the tutelage of Rev. José Gonzalez, he served the local church as Youth Leader, Sunday School Superintendent, and Executive Secretary.

     In 1998 under the mentorship of Dr. Raúl Marrero, Rev. Ramos became a Lay Worker of our  Movement. In January 2000, after serving as Small Group Coordinator, Youth Leader, Dr. Marrero invited Job to serve as Associate pastor and vice-president at Hermosa Community Church. In July 2011, Rev. Ramos was anointed as an Ordained Minister and in October he became the senior / lead pastor at Hermosa Community Church. During his leadership, he has: named a team of elders, reestablished Small Groups, and in July 2012 he founded Hermosa International Ministries (HIM), the branch of the church that serves the community at large in collaboration with city and other NFP organizations.

     Rev. Ramos is a dynamic, highly motivated, skilled, focused and dedicated leader. He currently possesses degrees in Technology, Education, Leadership and Biblical Counseling; additionally, Job holds a certificate of graduation from EQUIP / LIDERUSA.

Trustee - Vocal

Rev. José Santiago

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Rev. José Santiago has been the pastor of Canaan Christian Church of Jackson, New Jersey, since 2007.  He studied at the feet of one of the champions of the Defenders of the Christian Faith Movement, Rev. Antonio Plá, where he served as his associate pastor.  He has served on the National Young Defenders Board and as the Youth Eastern District Supervisor. He is currently a Trustee for the National Board of Directors for the Defenders.  He has a heart for missions and his main desire is to develop disciples so that many can become students of the Word.

Rev. José is happily married to the love of his life, Marianela, for the last eight years.  She has been a strong influence on his life and together look forward to serving the Kingdom, wherever the Lord leads them.

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